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Monday, December 10, 2007

Insurance for health

Nowadays , having health insurance is important to every individual because one never knows when he will need it and he never knows what may happen in the future . modern medicine is more advance now , medical diagnostic and treatment procedures are now a lot more expensive than before.Because of that not everyone can afford the full cost of medical treatment which could easily add up to thousands of dollars.

For me i have 2 health insurance . One is Prudential and the other one is Etiqa insurance . I have never missed the monthly payment because I know the important of having insurance. I'm the leader and the only one working in my family , so I need to protect my monthly income for my family. I love my family .

My suggestion for those who have not taken the health insurance , you should find the right Flexible Insurance Programs depends on your budget . Finding the right medical care is crucial and please consult your insurance agent first .

Save money on insurance now . It is very very very important in today's life .

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